ENT Doctors in North Virginia

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We have instituted Centralized Scheduling to help make your appointments more quickly and easily. Appointment specialists can be reached by calling any of our office numbers for an appointment at any location.

703.330.4500 - Manassas
703.644.7800 - Springfield
703-536-2729 - Arlington

Click the button to schedule an appointment during, or after hours.


In order to best accommodate your schedule, advance planning is helpful when arranging an appointment. However, every effort is made to work in daily emergencies when they occur. Our Nurse Practitioners are available in each office daily and often have more flexibility to work in same-day or next-day appointments. They can perform all the same diagnostic and therapeutic services as the physicians, except for surgical procedures.
A sincere attempt is made to adhere to your appointment time. However, otolaryngology practices are known for having numerous unexpected emergencies which may cause delays. Our goal is to provide all our patients with the highest quality of care; please be patient with us during unforeseen delays.

Please present your insurance card at each visit.
Appointments will be rescheduled if proper insurance identification is not made available.