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Hearing Aid Policy

All hearing aid fittings require a current hearing examination conducted within the past six months. We will gladly provide you with the necessary testing, or we will accept complete test results from other facilities. Some patients are fortunate enough to have hearing aid benefits through their medical insurance carrier.

Professional Hearing Services currently participates as a hearing aid provider with Hear PO and Tricare. If we do not participate with your plan, we are happy to furnish you with the necessary paperwork to submit claims to your insurance company on your own.

A deposit of one half of the total cost of the hearing aids is required to order one or two hearing aids. The balance is due at the time the hearing aids are delivered to you. If you need financial help you may speak with your audiologist about a payment plan.

Diagnostic hearing evaluation is accomplished with state-of-the-art testing equipment. The evaluation is performed by doctoral level audiologists, specialists highly trained in understanding the complexities of different hearing losses and their impact. We will apprise you of the latest breakthroughs in digital technologies that are available.

Your audiologist will help guide you in selecting the devices that will best me Your audiologist will help guide you in selecting the devices that will best meet your needs. Over a trial period of thirty days you will subject them to a variety of different listening situations to assess their effectiveness. We offer a thirty-day return privilege. Routine hearing aid checks every 3-6 months are recommended to ensure the proper functioning of your hearing instruments. These visits are included at no charge for 12 months after hearing aid purchase.