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Hearing Aids - Overview

When someone has been diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss that cannot be corrected by surgery or medication, hearing aids and other assistive listening devices are the standard treatment. With so many digital options available today, suitable instruments are not only affordable, but can achieve desired results in most listening situations. Your audiologist will assist you in selecting the hearing aids that best meet your hearing, cosmetic, and financial preferences. Certain hearing aid models may not be appropriate for individuals with manual dexterity problems, or for those who make a lot of earwax. A thorough consultation with an audiologist is an important first step in selecting the hearing aid model that will work best for you.

Phonak Hearing Aid

Hearing aids have come a long way in recent years. Whatever your degree of hearing loss — from noticeable to profound — a Phonak hearing aid fits seamlessly into your life. Hearing aids vary vastly in size and features, and only a hearing care professional is qualified to help you make the right choice. Regardless of your degree of hearing loss or needs, you can find helpful information in one of the tabs above.

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Widex Hearing Aid

Like everyone, people with hearing loss are exposed to a wide range of different sounds and at different levels. So it’s important to have a hearing aid that helps you hear soft sounds while making sure that loud sounds are not too uncomfortable.

The Widex Sound means that you can hear a full spectrum of sounds – from background noise, to whispers to voices in a crowd. But it goes beyond that. We make sure that all our hearing aids can be fit so that they suit your exact hearing loss and the way you listen. And that they are designed to be comfortable to wear. So you can hear the most natural sound possible. Whoever you are and wherever you are.

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Resound Linx Hearing Aid

We work with multiple hearing technology manufacturers to provide our patients with the variety and choices and assure they are fitted with the best technology for their individual hearing needs. We are pleased to offer RESOUND products including the new LiNX, which is designed to connect directly and wirelessly to Apple products including iPhones and iPads. Users of LiNX can use a number of apps available to play music, talk on the phone, listen to GPS navigation, and much more.

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Cochlear Implant

Our audiologists are partnering with area experts to provide specialty testing and programming candidates or current users of Cochlear Implant technology.

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