Laryngology / Throat and Voice

Sore throat is one of the most common illnesses among all ages. Many times this may be viral and not require any specialized medical treatment. In severe or recurrent cases, evaluation by an Ear, Nose, and THROAT physician may be appropriate. We evaluate and treat conditions such as Strep Throat, Mono, tonsillitis, tonsil enlargement, pharyngitis, snoring, tonsil stones, bad breath, trouble swallowing, and laryngopharyngeal reflux. We also see patients who report oral ulcers/canker sores, tongue or mouth pain, oral and lip lesions, and other mouth disorders.

Otolaryngologists are the only specialists to treat all benign and malignant conditions of the larynx – the organ of voice that includes the vocal cords. Conditions include hoarseness or change in voice, speech, or singing ability, vocal cord nodules/cysts, infection, laryngitis, injury from overuse or misuse, neuromuscular disorders such as spasmodic dysphonia or vocal cord paralysis, or inflammation due possibly to laryngopharyngeal reflux or allergy. We have specialized technology in all our offices that allows superior visualization of the larynx to aid diagnosis.


 Tonsillectomy (with or without adenoidectomy) – this is a surgical procedure in which the tonsils are removed. This may be necessary for people who suffer from chronic tonsillitis, tonsil stones, recurrent strep throat or other infections, tonsil enlargement, choking, snoring, or sleep apnea. We are highly skilled in this procedure and perform it frequently in both children and adults.

 Conditions of the larynx can be evaluated in the office specialized tools such as endoscopy. If surgical treatment becomes necessary, we perform Direct Laryngoscopy in the operating room. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology including lasers, balloons, microdebriders/shavers, microlaryngologic instrumentation, and injectables (such as Radiesse Voice Gel and ProLaryn, to improve a weak/breathy voice).

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