Otology / Ear and Hearing

Otolaryngologists are the only medical professionals who diagnose and treat all disorders of the ears. These include hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing of the ears), ear infections, cerumen/wax, ear pain, fluid in the ears, eustachian tube dysfunction, perforations of the ear drum, tumors, cholesteatoma, dizziness/vertigo and other balance disorders.


Comprehensive evaluation and testing of hearing and balance. Visit Professional Hearing Services for more information.

Sales and maintenance of hearing aids and other hearing assist devices.

Examination of the ear with highly specialized tools including microscopes and endoscopy.

Ability to perform ear procedures in the office including wax removal, cleaning infection (swimmers’ ear, external otitis, fungal otitis), foreign body removal, PE tube placement, transtympanic injections for sudden hearing loss or Meniere’s Disease, and repair of torn ear lobes or other ear trauma.

Expertise in surgical procedures of the ear including PE tube placement, repair of the tympanic membrane (tympanoplasty), mastoidectomy, labryinthectomy,and ossicular reconstruction to restore hearing.

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